This Week @ BTS

Summer Broadway Program
on Saturday, June 27th

We'd like to thank everyone for their patience as we looked for the best location for our Summer Broadway Program. It took a long time, but the search paid off!

BTS is proud to announce that our students will be performing at the Cornel School of Contemporary Music's beautiful auditorium on Saturday, June 27th. CSCM's music program prepares students to become professional recording artists and producers and their facilities are some of the best in the industry!

Cornel's auditorium only seats a maximum of 275 guests, so our show will be split into two performances, with two separate groups performing at different times. We're still working on our scheduling for this, so showtimes and premium seating for each group will be announced soon via e-mail and on the Google Calendar.

There will be a short dress rehearsal for our little stars to get acquainted with the stage on Saturday, June 20th. Rehearsal times will be announced soon via e-mail and on the Google Calendar.

Like last year, we will be recording the soundtrack to the performance. We'll be using Cornel's world-class recording studios to help our students make their very own album! Recording will take place on Saturday, May 16th. Students will record in groups over the course of the day. Recording times for your child's group will be announced via e-mail and on the Google Calendar. Information regarding Permission slips for the recording date, T-Shirt ordering info, and CD ordering info for the album will be available soon.

We're so excited about this event! Those who have done this before know just how amazing an experience this is for our students. It's truly a joy to offer such an opportunity to our students.


Our Yearbook Committee is hard at work at putting together another beautiful yearbook for BTS. This small but dedicated team collects all of the photos of our students throughout the year to create a wonderful keepsake for our students to have, full of memories to revisit whenever they want. Parents are even able to customize pages of their own child's yearbook!

Have any photos you want to share? Want to be an event photographer for a field trip? Want to participate in helping edit the yearbook? E-mail Liz Tamanaha for any yearbook-related questions.

An e-mail with a .PDF of all the yearbook customization and ordering information was sent earlier this week. Please check your inbox for this notice and review it if you have any questions. Pre-Orders and custom pages for the yearbook end on Friday, May 8th, so don't miss it!

News & Reminders:

  • Construction Update

    We're in the home stretch! Our contractors are pouring the concrete over the plumbing for our new restrooms as we write this e-mail. After some drywall work, the installation of restroom fixtures, and some final inspections, our long construction project will finally be complete.

    Our contractors have given us a project completion date of May 31st. We can't wait to show off the finished product!

  • Parent Date Night is Back! Saturday, May 9th.
    Back by popular demand, Ms. Perez and her fellow teachers are organizing another parent date night. Drop off your students while you and your better half enjoy an evening together. Students will participate in activities and have a memorable night of their own! A flier with times and activity details will be sent soon.
  • Field Trips

    This week, our students began their Spring field trips.
    Last week, Ms. Pringle and Ms. Perez's classes visited the Southern California Children's Museum and Ms. Limon and Ms. Cruz's classes visited the Foothill Veterinary Hospital.
    Ms. Carmona and Ms. Ramirez's class will visit the Southern California Children's Museum, and Ms. Balmer and Ms. Romero/Ms. Zamudio's classes will go to the OC Discovery Cube.

    Many thanks to all the parents chaperoning and taking photos on these wonderful trips!

  • Playground & Parking:
    The BTS parking lot is CLOSED for entry from 9 AM to 4 PM.
    Students may only use the BTS playground during school hours with only if a teacher is present to supervise.
    The BTS playground is CLOSED before 9 AM and after 4 PM.

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