(Required Event! Parents Only!)

Preschool & Pre-K:
Tue, Aug. 16, 6p - 8p

Transitional Kinder-4:
Wed, Aug. 17, 6p - 8p

Back to School Night is an opportunity for our staff to explain the general school policies and go over the Parent Student Handbook, and a time for our teachers to break down their classroom expectations for the school year. We expect one parent or guardian for each student to attend. Students may not attend this event.

Please be sure to read the latest revision of the handbook thoroughly! Many of your questions and concerns are addressed there.

News & Reminders:

  • NEW FAMILIES: Please help us fill out your child's emergency kit and backup clothes! We need the following for each student:
    • A photo of your child and their family
    • A short letter in case of emergencies, reassuring your child that you will pick them up soon.
    • Three toothbrushes for brushing teeth after meals.
    • Two full changes of clothes (including socks and underwear!) in a gallon Ziploc bag for any restroom accidents or food spills. School colors preferred, but regular comfortable clothes are acceptable. This is for Preschool and Pre-K ONLY.
      If your child is sent home with soiled clothing, please bring a replacement outfit the very next day!
  • Volunteers Wanted!

    How can you help BTS? Our teachers and staff have fantastic ideas and plans for the upcoming school year but we need your help to make it possible! From Yearbook to Parent & Child Events to Fundraisers and more, there's always another way to take part in the BTS community. Send us an e-mail, stop by our front desk, or give us a call if you'd like to participate!