Save The Date! Open House Coming February 7th

We're excited to announce that our 7th annual Open House will be held at our BTS campus on Saturday, February 7th from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM. We invite our entire BTS family and community to join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of our students during the first half of the school year.

This is an opportunity for the entire community at large to visit the school. Prospective parents, relatives, and other extended or prospective members of the BTS family are welcome to join us for what promises to be a fun morning full of your children's surprises!

KPCC - LA Millennials: Bilingual, for the most part

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Last month, KPCC ran a wonderful short piece on the second-language fluency of young adults, aged 18-34 in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. According to the most recent data, 58% of this demographic speaks a second language other than English!

These findings are evidence of the major cultural and linguistic transition of Southern California over the last 30 years. As our world becomes more and more globalized and Los Angeles continues to grow as an international crossroads and meeting ground for ideas, information, and inspiration.

Your children are part of a new generation of multilingual and multicultural global citizens that will follow and likely exceed the trends we are seeing today!