Hot Lunch Ordering


Bell Tower School partners with Child Nutrition Express, a third-party meal delivery company, to offer hot meals to participating families. Meals cost between $4 and $5 per student per day, excluding special add-ons. The current menu for the month is listed here.

If you would like to register your child for meal delivery (daily or just a few times a week/month), please follow the directions below.

Please Note: Bell Tower School does not directly contract with Child Nutrition Express and only receives and distributes student meals. To participate in the program, all families must turn in a signed Off-Campus Food Provider Waiver agreeing to dispute any issues related to meals directly with the meal delivery company.

  1. Download and sign the Off-Campus Food Provider Waiver and submit to Cecilia or Leticia at the Front Office.

  2. Download and read the Welcome Letter carefully for registration directions

  3. Register using the CNE Boonli service according to the Welcome Letter.
    The password for first-time registration is CNE1

  4. After creating your account with Child Nutrition Express, click here to place your orders and pay online.
    Orders must be filled by the previous Friday for meals to be delivered.

For any questions or concerns regarding your child’s meal ordering plan, please contact